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Old Lover New Regrets Quickie 1

Unconditional Love (Poem)

yolanda in blue dress

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is what I feel
After all these years it has to be real.
Just the slightest touch of your hand
No words needed to know you’re my man

The sight of you when you walk in the room
Sends my heart into it’s on little tune.
Hands is sweating feet are pacing
My sweet wet nectar waiting for the anticipation

The thought of you makes my brown cheeks rosy
I don’t care about the onlookers let them be nosey
The unconditional love that we both share come hell or
High water it will still be there

I will cherish this unconditional love
From now until infinity
Knowing that we are meant to be

So I carry you in my heart
Even tho we are apart
Holding on to that unconditional love
Which will one day grant us a new start

Copyrighted by NDEA B